Select the Best father’s day presents in 2021 in UK

Select the Best father’s day presents in 2021 in UK

Our parents give us the ‘gift of life’! But when it comes to gifting our parents, it becomes a tough nut to crack. And the story of choosing the best father’s day present is no different. Thus, to solve these issues, we at Active Care Store have an ocean full of various options for our customers. Each of our products is designed and developed by keeping our customer interest in mind.

Selecting a gift for father’s day becomes even more difficult because father’s in general do not show any emotions. They will not ask if they need something, thus it is very difficult to understand their emotions. To help you in this, we have a wide range of father’s day presents ranging from affordable perfumes, grooming products, hair styling gifts and many more.

Our father is the man who we look up to through all our growing years and even beyond that. Thus, selecting a unique father’s day present in 2021 especially in the UK can become a great way to show your love towards him.

They say ‘actions speak louder than words’. Thus your sweet gesture of gifting your dad on father's day can go a long way. In this blog, we will see how Active Care Store can help you to select the best father’s present from our range of products.

Father’s day gift ideas

The key to selecting the best father’s day gift is by choosing utility products. Gifting these products will not only bring a smile to your father’s face, but it will also make him realise that you keep a keen eye on his needs.


Best grooming kits this father’s day gift for dad

Everyday grooming is an essential part whether your father does a business or a job or even if he is retired. We at active care have some of the best products for this.

Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel

This is a fabulous product when it comes to everyday utility products. Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel is a high performance product which moulds and smoothens the facial skin of men. Because of this it gives them a refreshing shave every time.

This product is scientifically formed and designed so that our customers can have an effortless shave every day. As far as its ingredients are concerned, you will experience the richness of Aloe Vera, Oak and Witch Hazel. Each of these ingredients are vital in making your skin smooth and also protect it from loss of moisture and burns.

As it is a utility product, only a little gel is enough to create good foam for your everyday shave. By selecting Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel, you will gift an enriched shaving experience to your dad. Moreover, if he follows up his shaving process with Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask, each shave will feel like a spa treatment.




American Crew Moisturising Shave Cream

Are you searching for an herbal shaving cream for your dad? Well, you need to look no further than American Crew Moisturising Shave Cream. It is formulated with avocado oil and aloe that conditions the skin and provides it maximum protection. Moreover, if your father has dry skin, American Crew Moisturising Shave Cream is the best herbal shaving cream that you can gift him.

The cream will not only enhance the overall shaving experience, it will make it smoother and easier as well. Moreover, the natural ingredients are hydrating agents for your skin with antioxidant properties.

This brand is known for its versatility as well as does exceptionally well in grooming specific products.


PacoRabanne One Million Aftershave Balm

Skin friendly aftershave balms are pretty essential in order to have an overall shaving experience. By gifting PacoRabanne One Million Aftershave Balm to your dad, you can help him in having a fulfilling shaving experience on a daily basis. PacoRabanne One Million Aftershave Balm does a commendable work on sensitive skin with its spicy leather notes that render a long-lasting and refreshing experience on the skin.

After applying the balm, your skin will feel cool and refreshed. Moreover, the balm will also condition the problem areas of the skin and you will feel fresh with its sensual aroma.

The base of the aftershave balm has amber, patchouli and woody leather that forms a powerful intoxicating blend. Thus, gift your father ‘the richness’ of an amazing grooming product from Active Care Store this father’s day.


Clarins Men Shave Ease Oil

Easy and comfortable shaving experience is what every man desires. Moreover, if the product is enriched with natural extracts, things can’t get better. With Clarins Men Shave Ease Oil, your father can enjoy the richness of the natural plant extracts and have a fulfilling shaving and grooming experience on a daily basis.

This shaving oil for men has other natural extracts of Mint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus along with the plant extracts. The oils play an important role in giving a comfortable shaving experience. Moreover, if your father is a frequent traveller or has a hasty work schedule, this is the best grooming thing that you can gift him.

The oil helps in preventing laser burns and helps in softening the whiskers as well.

Most Affordable Perfumes for father’s day presents

One can never underestimate the overwhelming powers of a good perfume. If we say that ‘your perfume is your confidence that you wear’ it will not be an overstatement. Keeping this in mind we at Active Care Store have brought for you some of the most affordable perfumes that you can gift your dad this Father’s day. Let us have a look:

 Hugo Boss Bottled Eau De Toilette Spray For Men

An abstract style is defined by warm and woody fragrance. And if you are looking for something like that for your dad, Hugo Boss Bottled Eau De Toilette Spray for Men is the best perfume you can give to your father.

The scent of the perfume is a rich blend of floral, citrusy and fruity aromas along with the definitely stylish warm fragrance. The base of the fragrance has apples and citruses whereas the top note of the perfume has spicy aromas of cinnamon and cloves.

Thus the perfume has everything that will give a masculine touch to an overall personality of your father. And at the same time the gentle and pleasant fragrance of sandalwood will bring forward his courteous and gentle side as well.

Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Eau De Toilette For Men

Jacques Cavallier is the name you can trust when it comes to high-performing perfumes. Issey Miyake L'EauD'Issey Pour Homme Eau De Toilette For Men is created by Jacques Cavallier and has an amazing aquatic woody citrus fragrance that will add stars to your dad’s overall personality.

The perfume has all the richness of marine accord, white patchouli and grapefruit. In addition, the base notes of the perfume has fragrances of nutmeg, mignonette and cinnamon. All these ingredients are vital in giving the perfume a ‘style of its own’ that can reflect directly in the style of your father.

Paco Rabanne One Million Eau De Toilette For Men

The perfume which has an amazing aromatic fragrance is nothing but an expression of every man’s fantasies. With Paco Rabanne One Million Eau De Toilette For Men, you can give a perfume to your father that has an uplifting aroma with the right notes of blood mandarin and grapefruit.

 If we say that Paco Rabanne One Million Eau De Toilette For Men is a perfume with a powerful scent of victory, it will be the right way to define it. The perfume has all the ingredients that can leave a lasting impression on anybody’s mind.

Moreover, Paco Rabanne believes in constantly innovating themselves. Thus, as far as their products are concerned, you will get nothing but the best.


The Best father's day gift ideas : Hair Styling Gifts for Fathers

Good hair-styling products will play a pivotal role in enhancing your overall personality. At Active Care Store, we have got all bases covered so that you can gift the best hair styling products to your dad on this father’s day.

TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

If you are looking for a hair style product to give your dad this father’s day that improves the definition and texture of his hair, we have the perfect fit for you. TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax will help you maintain the style and texture of your hair for the longest time possible.

Moreover, the application of the wax is fairly simple as well. All your father needs to do is to apply the wax on his towel dried hair right from the roots to the hair ends. This hair styling wax for men has a hold and texture factor of 5.

The wax is formulated with Cera Carnauba and Beeswax that gives enviable matte finish to your hair.

d:fi D:Struct Medium Hold Moulding Creme

This is a refreshing and moulding hair cream by American Crew. This hair cream works exceptionally well when it comes to styling your hair in a versatile manner.

The hair cream has cactus extracts that provide elasticity to the hair fibres. In addition to this, the sugarcane extract helps in keeping the hair stay hydrated by absorbing the moisture. The biggest USP of this hair cream is that it is suitable for any kind of hair

Tigi Bed Head Hard To Get Paste

This wax has all the ingredients to give a rich and thicker texture to your hair. Moreover, the wax conditions the hair as well and renders it a light and soft finish as well. This hair texturizing paste by TIGI bed has a long lasting hold due to polymers. Thus, it will allow your dad to hold the style of his hair for a longer duration during the day.

The usage of the hair texturizing paste is fairly simple as well. All you need is to use your fingertips and apply the paste through your hair. Don’t forget to distribute the paste evenly on all the hair strands. Moreover, this hair paste works immensely well on hair that are short to medium lengths.



Father’s day is special in many ways. We at Active Care Store understand the bond you share with your father. Therefore, we do not shy away from going the extra mile to provide you nothing but the best products to choose from.

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