5 biggest perfume myths that you need to know

5 biggest perfume myths that you need to know

‘Perfume is like a new dress; it makes you quite simply marvelous’.- E. Lauder

Fragrance in the right form plays a very important role in enhancing your overall personality and gives you superlative confidence. The expected worth of the fragrance industry would be a whopping $72.3 billion by the year 2024. In addition, the CAGR growth is forecasted at 5.5% during 2019 and 2024. But despite such impressive qualities, fragrance is often misunderstood.

There are several myths prevailing when it comes to perfumes and cologne. Moreover, the perfume myths are the biggest hindrance when it comes to buying perfume as it hinders the thinking process of the customers.

We at Active Care Store believe that perfumes and colognes are a very important part of your entire attire. Along with enriching your overall personality, your perfumes will play a pivotal role in making you unique, unlike the rest.

In this article, we will burst 5 of the biggest perfume myths and help you realize that the reality is very different from the presumed belief.

Here we go!

Correct storage of fragrance is a must to preserve the scent

Many people believe that in order to preserve the scent, the fragrance in the perfume is stored in a very precise manner. While in reality, the manufacturer designs the perfume bottle in such a manner that the scent is preserved for a longer period of time. Storing the scent in the perfume is very easy. You just have to keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and look to store it in a cool, darker place. You can keep the perfume in the refrigerator for prolonged usage.

Cologne go bad very rapidly if not used consistently

Every product in the market has its own shelf life. But the biggest myth surrounding perfumes is that it has to be used consistently, otherwise it will go bad. Yes, cologne goes bad but there is no hard and fast expiry date to it. It’s expiration majorly depends on the chemical proposition of the scent.

Therefore, some perfume can go off in a year or so and some might take even a decade. However, the average shelf life of a cologne or a perfume is between three to five years. Moreover, experts have found that perfumes with heavier base tend to last long. They are sometimes even compared to wine- getting better with age.

Thus, ‘does perfume go bad?’ instantly is wrong and should not hamper your buying decision.

It is necessary to rub the perfume on the skin

There is a very popular notion that you have to rub the perfume on the skin after applying it for better effect. This in a nutshell can be considered as a ‘myth perfume’. On the other hand, the ‘truth perfume’ is that rubbing the skin after applying the perfume actually breaks the beads of the perfume. Thus, this leads to the fact that the impact of the perfume can only stay for a little while.

The user should instead let the skin naturally absorb the scent of the essential oil and the fragrance rather than rubbing the skin against. Let the scent rest on the body and its work in its own merry way. This will allow the oil in composition to break organically and keep the fragrance smelling sweeter throughout the day. It is also a very effective method to increase the longevity of the fragrance.

You must disperse the perfume through the air

If you think that ‘does cologne go bad?’ the answer to this question is the biggest myth prevailing, think again. Many people believe that dispersing the perfume in the air will increase its effectiveness. We will try to address this myth by giving you an example. We all are aware that the atmosphere is a collection of different gases. Thus when you disperse the perfume in the air, it will get mixed with the gases and lose its authenticity.

On the other hand, if you apply the perfume on the warmer areas of the skin for example, wrist and neck, behind the ears, etc. it will allow the scent to fade away slowly. The oils can rest for a longer time in the warmer area and this gives skin the time to absorb it in its optimal manner. Thus, you could have a lasting fragrance throughout the day.

Stronger scent means better smell

There is greater misbelief that you should keep perfumes in the fridge that have a stronger scent. Colognes that have a stronger scent are often considered to be the better smelling ones. But in reality, a stronger scent is just the result of the chemical composition of the perfume and it has nothing to do with the smell.

In fact, the perfumes with a milder scent have better smell components and oils as perfumes with stronger strength don't always pay heed to this. Thus, if you are thinking that putting too much perfume with stronger strength will lead to better smell, it is nothing but a ‘myth perfume’.


In today’s scientifically driven and digitally-connected world, it is kind of a shame that there are so many myths related to the fragrance industry. Users should only trust the trends and beliefs that have a scientific backing. Otherwise, ‘does cologne go bad’ or should we put ‘perfume in the fridge’ or ‘put too much perfume on’ for better smell? These kinds of misbeliefs and myths will have a concrete position in the mind-set of the customers.

Perfume creation is no less than a magical art. Although it is mystic, it has enough scientific backing as well.

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