This Women’s Day, we present women who slay, and look great doing it! #BossLadies

This Women’s Day, we present women who slay, and look great doing it! #BossLadies

This women's day, we're celebrating women who slay and look great while doing it. These are women who are in the real sense "Beauty with Brains". They've made it big in the world of entrepreneurship and today head multi-million dollar/pound business empires. The Activecare team has picked and profiled five #BossLadies who work hard for their success, and also make sure that they look drop-dead gorgeous when it's time to make a splash on the front pages and covers.

Amber Atherton, Founder of My Flash Trash, Co-creator of Made in Chelsea

As we begin chronicling the success stories and beauty/skincare hacks of the #BossLadies, who else but Great Britain’s very own prodigal child, the beautiful Amber Atherton. This British entrepreneur had business running in her blood ever since she was a gawky teenager. As a child, Amber had learned coding already set up multiple businesses. When she turned 17, Amber founded My Flash Trash, a fashion jewellery e-commerce brand. Being someone who understood the influence of poplar faces from television on brands, Amber made very good use to plug her e-commerce startup during her stint in the BAFTA-winning reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Soon, her brand had a large following among young teenagers and British Vogue had ranked her fifth in their list of Most Powerful Person in Digital Fashion. In 2016, she sold My Flash Trash to a Hong Kong-based manufacturer for a whopping 2 million pounds. The same year, she got featured in Forbes 30 under 30 for Europe Retail & E-Commerce. When asked about her beauty secrets, she once told an e-magazine that she loves to keep it natural to get people to notice her jewellery. She maintains her pretty girl-next-door looks with the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser or Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant teamed with Elizabeth Arden Prevage moisturiser.

Vera Wang, Dress Designer, Founder of Vera Wang Fashion

Veronica Ellen Wang, popularly known as Vera Wang is one of the most influential fashion designers from the United States, who has created an envious and impressive fashion empire with her name as the brand. Can it get any more badass than this?! Born to Chinese parents in the America of late 1940s, this celebrated designer was also the youngest editor of Vogue magazine, where she was hired straight out of college and worked for 17 long years, before joining Ralph Lauren. At 40, she quit her job to become an independent wedding dress designer and went on to create Vera Wang Fashion, dressing some of the biggest celebrities on their weddings, like Kim Kardashian, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Victoria Beckham and even Ivanka Trump. She has also designed the costumes for US Olympics figure skaters and the cheerleaders’ uniforms for NFL team Philadelphia Eagles. In 2018, Wang was featured and ranked 34th in the Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.

It is difficult to maintain a strict skincare regimen when you’re busy working round the clock, and when she was inquired about her skincare routine which makes her beautiful every day, Wang once told InStyle that she makes sure she gets a good night’s sleep despite going to bed at almost 1 AM every day. Her go-to product to maintain her skin is a hydrating moisturiser by Clinique, which she applies on her body after shower every day. One thing she never forgets to carry apart from her phone is her eyewear to protect her eyes and the skin around it. She deliberately doesn’t put in much effort as for her every minute of the day is precious.

Chrissy Teigen, Model, Host, Cookbook writer

We all know her from her drop-dead gorgeous looks on the covers of prominent magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour and Sports Illustrated. We also know her as the host of the very popular television show Lip Sync Battle. But apart from all of that, what took us all by surprise is the culinary skills and knowledge of Chrissy Teigen, which sets her apart from all the other television personalities. Teigen is the author New York Times bestseller Cravings: Recipes for All of the Food You Want to Eat, which was also the second-best cookbook of 2016 as per Publishers Weekly. She continued it with her second cookbook Cravings: Hungry For More in 2018, along with a line of cookware named Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, to be sold at Target consumer stores. Seeing that her culinary venture is turning out to be a successful one, Teigen launched her cooking website titled Cravings in November 2019, featuring healthy recipes, tips, anecdotes and experiences with different foods from around the world, etc. She was even featured on the second episode of Netflix’s Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner alongside Chef David Chang exploring Marrakech.

Because Teigen travels a lot and her skin gets exposed to different kinds of weather around the globe, she makes sure to include cleansers, masks, moisturisers, Retinol serums and instant acne-fighting strips. While the cleansers and masks keep her skin free from all the dirt and pollutants from dulling her glow, the moisturisers maintain her skin’s hydration. The retinol serums are the secret behind her ever-so-young looks.

Sophia Amoruso, Founder of Nasty Gal & Girlboss Media

Sophia Amoruso is the perfect example of the gritty businesswoman who looks great even when she slays. Her professional life stands true by the saying that fight isn’t over until you refuse to get up. Founder of one of America’s fastest growing companies as per Inc Magazine in 2012, Amoruso founded Nasty Gal in the year 2006. It started off as an Ebay store with title Nasty Gal Vintage, selling old pieces of clothing, which Amoruso sourced from various second-hand and thrift stores. Business boomed and within 2 years, Nasty Gal had its own ecommerce website and soon operated its own warehouse space.

After Amoruso left Nasty Gal, she wrote her autobiography #GIRLBOSS chronicling her rise from her dumpster-diving days to running one of America’s fastest growing retailer. The book adapted into a Netflix series with the same title in 2014. The same year, she founded Girlboss Media, a content website that created articles, podcasts and videos for a female audience. The idea behind Girlboss Media was to encourage millennial women to pursue their various professional and personal goals and achieve self-dependence.

Amoruso travels a lot for appearances and rallies since the success of her book and new media venture, which requires her to put on make-up regularly. As someone who understands skin-health, she swears by her Lancer Cleanser and Moisturiser combo that she carries everywhere with her. An interesting fact about her skincare is that she never wears make up during flights and regularly let her skin sweat to let out all the toxins and maintain a natural hydration.

Beyonce Knowles, Singer-Songwriter, Actress, founder of Parkwood Entertainment & House of Deréon

When we talk about badass and successful women, how can we forget to mention the Queen Bey! Beyonce Knowles, popularly known as Beyoncé is one of most popular female pop icons of all time. But she is not just all glam and glitz. Beyoncé is also a very successful businesswoman, creating a name for herself instead of being known as the wife of American hip-hop mogul Jay Z.

Apart from being a powerhouse pop-artiste as a part of Destiny’s Child and individually, Beyoncé has also founded and runs Parkwood Entertainment, and umbrella brand that manages her music, videos, movies and fashion since 2010. It has not only distributed several of Beyoncé’s albums, but also produced her first musical biopic Cadillac Record. In 2010, she also founded and successfully runs House of Deréon with her mother. It is a contemporary women’s fashion line inspired by the three generations of women in her family and takes the name from her grandmother, who was a respected seamstress. She also partnered and now owns TopShop active wear clothing line.

Because Beyoncé has to perform several high energy dance routines in her concerts, she has to use make up products that are smudge-free and waterproof. To protect her skin from damage from the products, she combines her tinted moisturiser with her primer or base, followed by face powder to help keep the make up in place and easy to cleanse afterwards. Fun fact, Beyonce prefers using her face cream even on other parts of her body as a moisturiser to maintain the hydration levels of her skin. She also regularly drinks a kale-infused detox juice for the Vitamin K, which helps in skin renewal.

So this women’s day, take inspiration from these awesome #Bossladies who are slaying it like a queen and do not let anything stop you from achieving whatever you want!

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