Know Your Fragrance to Smell Divine This Winter Season

Know Your Fragrance to Smell Divine This Winter Season

Gone are the days when just “smelling nice” would do, and no one would bother. Nowadays, if you do not “smell right” then it is equivalent to a “fashion crime.” Just like we all make efforts in picking the right clothes, and the right cosmetics with the onset of every new season during the year, it is necessary that you pick the right scent for the season too. Just like in summers you went for things that were light, fruity and airy, in the winters, you have to go the exact opposite. And if you’re not sure what are we talking about, then stay with us as we tell you how to smell divine by making the right choice for your fragrances this winter.

Go for denser, heavier scents.

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to winter fragrances, you have to go the exact opposite with what you did to choose fragrances for the summer. In winters you need the fragrances to stay longer on you, as the scents tend to fade away faster because of the dry skin and the cold atmosphere. We suggest picking scents that are dense and heavy so the fragrance can bypass the multiple layers of clothing. Heavier fragrances also take a longer time to fade out during the day and thus keeping you smelling good for a longer time.

The Base Notes are important.

A fragrance consists of 3 notes or layers: Top Notes, Heart Notes and Base Notes. The scents are identified by the kind of scents these notes have and how they complement each other on your body. While the top notes are light, the base notes are the heaviest. Hence, when you’re picking a fragrance for the winter, make sure you choose a scent whose base notes can linger on longer and blends in right with the top and heart notes before the fade out.

Pick an Eau De Parfum or Perfume

You might be wondering, what is the difference between cologne, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum and a perfume. It is the concentration of fragrant oils, alcohol and water in the scent. It is this which decides what stays on your body for a longer duration. The one with the lightest concentration is the cologne with up to 5 percent. Eau De Toilette has up to 15 percent, while Eau De Parfum has up to 15 to 18 percent. It is the perfume that has the highest concentration amongst all the fragrances. And as you need your scent to last the longest, we’d suggest you pick fragrances that are either an Eau De Parfum or a Perfume, because they can last up to 7 hours.

Scents to go for: Sweet, Spicy, Woody

What kind of fragrances would be the “right scent” to go with the season? We’d like to suggest that before picking your scent, always think of the occasion or place that you’re going to wear them to. For instance, if it is a celebration, think of things that will make people feel pleasant, like cakes and desserts. Pick something that has a strong sweet fragrance like Vanilla or Jasmine. If you’re going out drinking or partying with your friends, go for something spicy, something that stands out and is captivating. Pick fragrances with scents of patchouli, black pepper or sage. If you’re going on a date night, go for perfumes with base notes of woody scents Cedarwood, Fir or Cypress. They blend in well as the top and base notes begin to dry down.

An additional tip that we would like to leave you with, is that every time you go out to purchase a fragrance for yourself, keep a blank canvas. Do not put on any kind of scents, as you would be trying out various types of fragrances before picking the right one. And if your perfume store has a fragrance card, even better. Given below are some information that will help you pick the best fragrance that suits you and makes you “smell right” and smell divine this winter.

Fragrance Dictionary: Know Your Fragrance

Sweet Fragrance

Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Brown Sugar, Violet Leaf, Vanilla


Leather, Orange Blossom, Tobacco, Guaiac Wood, Clove, Anise


Cedar, Juniper, Cypress, Wood Moss, Fir


Patchouli, Oak Moss, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Vetiver, Sage


Bergamot, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Tuberose

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