Definitive guide to picking the right perfume for women.

Definitive guide to picking the right perfume for women.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But your name will ring a sweeter bell in people’s minds, if you smelled nice!

Just like you have to pair the right sunglasses with the perfect sundress for a weekend picnic, or a standout clutch with your shimmering evening gown, to be the perfect woman, you also have to choose and pair your fragrances according to your body’s natural composition, the time of day and the occasion. Imagine wearing a loud sporty citrus perfume when attending a sombre event, or giving out a strong, sultry, musky vibe in a casual get together of friends. Don’t forget it is the olfactory memory of you, more than even the visuals of your face and clothes, that people remember the most. While you can experiment how your body reacts to fragrances based on a trial and error method, we are here to take you on a perfumed journey of which smells to wear at what time of day and to what occasion!

So here it is the definitive guide on picking the right fragrance for you to wear at the right place, at the right time, to make heads turn and hearts beat just a bit faster.

The workaholic boss-lady!

You are awesome and everyone knows it! While you're already killing it in the boardrooms with your intellect, skills and dedication, you must dress like a leader too. And when it comes to power dressing, it is not just the clothes that matter, but how you smell does too.

Let your fragrance accentuate and stand by the boss-lady vibe that you exude every day at work. Pick fragrances which make you smell fresh and pleasant, creating a beautiful harmony of a woman who has conquered the man's world but has not let go of her femininity.

Smell like independence and freedom. We'd suggest the Ma Vie Pour Femme Eau De Parfum by Hugo Boss or Contradiction EDP by Calvin Klein as these have the floral notes in the heart depicting its femininity and warm base notes depicting confidence.

What a romantic!

You have planned the perfect, dreamy night with your love. Every minute thing has been looked after and you're ready to make him fall head over heels in love with you. But there could be several things that could go wrong, including how you smell. So do not let something as silly as your fragrance ruin your evening. Picking the wrong scent or not wearing one could make you repulsive.

Wear fragrances that make you feel fresh and confident when you step out to meet your love. Make him go "Ooh La La" every time leans closer to you; Let him clasp your hand warmer and tighter, all the way to your door, or maybe further!

For a memorable date night, we suggest you wear the L'Eau D'Issey Eau de Toilette by Issey Miyake or Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Nina Ricci for their beautiful blends of aquatic and fresh floral notes. If you want to bowl him over, we'd say you must go with the classic, Flowerbomb EDT by Viktor & Rolf.

A woman of pomp and grace!

No woman lets go of an opportunity where she gets to celebrate and raise a toast to her loved ones. Be it a wedding, a baby shower, birthday or the graduation of your brother, all the good things in life must be celebrated. And to make them memorable, you must wear a fragrance, that celebrates you too.

Special occasions and their celebrations usually take place in the evening. Thus, it is important to wear a perfume that works like the yin and yang combination with your attire. Wear warmer fragrances with a hint of sweet-smelling florals which announce your arrival, make people take note of your presence but don't steal the thunder away from the host. Our suggestions would be the Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum and Omnia Coral Eau De Toilette by Bvlgari, as they are quite luxurious scents that one must wear only when there's something special.

A night of chilling and fun!

There never goes a month where the girlfriends get together once for a fun night out, to binge on their favourite movies, TV shows and delicious food. Just stocking the pantry and fridge with all the favourite snacks and drinks for your friends is not enough to be called the best host in the gang. One has to reflect the chill and relaxed vibe of the evening too.

As we have mentioned before, people are attracted and impressed by those who smell nice all the time. Just because you're keeping casual in the evening doesn't mean you've to smell all basic. Put on some fresh and fruity scent after a quick shower before the guests come in. Our pick for such an environment would be something light and minimalistic, say White Musk by The Body Shop or Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY. Another interesting fragrance from DKNY that you could wear is Energizing EDP.

The hippie spirit!

We all love travelling! We all wish to pack our bags one fine day and take off to an unknown destination to explore and broaden our minds. Also, the pictures would make it awesome on our social media feeds too! But constant travelling could get gruelling for our bodies, and sometimes, the odour of our bodies make us feel weary and tired. Thus it is necessary that apart from a fresh pair of clothes, you must pack a mini-sized bottle of good travel perfume that keeps you smelling fresh and feeling energized all day long.

Choose blends that have citrusy scents, which combines with lovely floral seasonal fragrances. Our suggestions for such trips would be Lacoste's Femme Eau De Parfum and Pour Elle Eau De Toilette. Another exciting and sporty fragrance you could go for is the Davidoff Coolwater EDT for women. These tiny bottles come packed with refreshing fragrances.

To sum up, despite us ladies having a better understanding of our fragrances, we must know to wear them right. Do not take the risk of sticking to that one brand or blend of perfume for all your needs, because then you'll end up being identified with that one scent. Change is the spice of life, and the more flexible you're with the change, the more you'll have admirers for your choices.

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