Summer Hair Care for Women

Summer Hair Care for Women

The summers are here and it is time to hit the outdoors for some fun in the sun! But with all the fun comes the usual maladies for your long and precious tresses. Just like excessive exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin, it does the same to your hair too. Your tresses can become brittle and frizzy. The scalp begins to get all greasy with the natural oils and sweat mixing with each other. But worry not, we’ve got you covered! Here are five easy hacks to protect your hair this summer! You’re welcome!

Beat The Frizz!

Our hair tends to grow faster in the summers. And with the air heavy with humidity and the sun at its scorching best, the hair gets dried up and then begins to absorb moisture from the air. As a result, our hair gets puffed up and looks literally fried.

Well, though the very first thing we’d suggest is to wear a wide-brimmed hat, you must make it a habit to use hair products that contain UV filters that block the damaging sunrays from frying your hair. One quick fix we’d suggest before stepping out is to run your sun-screen soaked fingers lightly through your tresses after applying them on your face and hands. Avoid using any hair products that may contain alcohol as it sucks up all the moisture.

With these products, you can protect your hair from the wild frizz.

Sticky scalps

For all the beach-babes, we know how troublesome it is to deal with greasy roots after some fun at the beachside. The natural oil build-up on scalp mixes with the sweat moisture at the roots. One solution for it is to carry some dry shampoo in your bag always. A quick wash with it can be a temporary solution.

For a long term solution, apply an egg yolk mask on your hair as the high sulphur content in the eggs can help beat dandruff and grease in your hair. Apply to dry hair and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash it off and rinse well using cold water.

Additionally, these products would be helpful in getting rid of the sticky scalp.

Bye-bye Swimmers Hair

All the blondes out there, we know you already rolled your eyes upon reading this. Those with light blonde hair always face the trouble of dealing with their tresses turning greenish after a refreshing swim in the pool. The salt, chlorine and other chemicals in the water get absorbed by your hair and thus making them look ugly green and dull.

One hack to beat this problem is to drench your hair with some fresh water before taking a dip. Spraying your hair with some clean water means it will soak up less chlorine and chemicals in the water. Later, rinse your hair with some clean water mixed with half a cup apple cider vinegar. It helps in getting rid of the dullness and discoloured look in your hair.

These products will also help you get your groovy blonde tresses back into the glow.

Ditch the dryer

Ladies, we’d strongly suggest you to avoid using your hair dryer during the summers. For a simple reason, your hair is already exposed to a lot of heat from the sun. Using appliances like flat iron, curlers and blow dryers will make your hair brittle and prone to damage. To maintain the softness of your hair, use a good overnight leave-in conditioner after a shower in the evening before hitting the sack. Let your hair dry naturally.

Here are some best hair conditioners that you can use to resurrect your hair!

Hello Oil Therapy

We know, not every one of you out there like to apply oil their hair regularly. But it’s the summer, and your scalp and tresses need some relaxation too. At least once a week, get a nice oil massage using oils from coconut, tea tree or avocado, that penetrate your scalp well and makes your hair strong.

After a nice shampoo rinse, massage your hair overnight using any of these oils. Next morning, rinse it off and condition. Trust us, your hair will not only be strong, but it will have an enviable sheen to it too.

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