Summer Fragrances for Men

Summer Fragrances for Men

As the heat keeps increasing, your tolerance level might do the opposite. You cannot stand anything extra, be it people, noise or even odour. Likewise, the scents you have used during springtime and winter will feel too heavy for this season. Even the loyal perfume lovers who try to stick to one perfume would also consider a change due to the scorching heat, which can be overwhelming at times.

Perfumes for a fact can evaporate quickly in the searing summer heat. The weather makes us frequently hot and sticky which is exactly the reason why we should go for fresh and calming fragrances such as coconut, lemon, sandalwood, or vanilla. Choosing a scent can be a bit challenging at times with tons of options out there. Don’t worry, we have made it easy for you. We have narrowed down among the best and compiled a list of easy breezy perfumes that you’d want to swear by this summer.

Here’s the guide to top 6 fragrances to select your signature perfume this summer:

Davidoff Cool Water EDT Men

Davidoff Cool Water tops our list with its refreshing aromatic notes. No perfume can capture the exhilarating aquatic aromas of the ocean breeze and waves like this one. The name ‘Cool water’ suggests it all. It is quite simple yet very masculine. Pierre Bourdon, the renowned French perfumer, had coined this perfume in 1988. Since the launch of the product, Cool Water has been among the leading products of Davidoff.

The top notes of this rejuvenating perfume consist of mint, sea water essence, lavender, greens along with rosemary and coriander. The heart notes comprise Sandalwood, Oakmoss and the essence of Geranium which intensifies the fragrance. The spicy base notes feature Amber, Tobacco, Musk and Cedar. Eventually, you’d be surrounded with a sense of sensuality as the perfume dries down.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme

Stand out in the crowd with a unique fusion of aquatic and aromatic notes that will certainly attract everyone's attention wherever you go wearing it. It’s a signature by BVLGARI for the men who look for vibrant and crisp freshness in their cologne. The unique blue-green colour induces the bright character of water, in all its spirit and purity. The top notes have a revitalizing aroma that comes from grapefruit and neroli bigarade. The heart notes come from Posidonia Oceanica seaweed. Eventually, the exuberant base notes are white cedarwood and rosemary. This fragrance was developed by the noteworthy perfumer, Jacques Cavallier in 2008.

D&G Light Blue Eau De Toilette For Men

A classic masculine and sensuous perfume for men from Dolce and Gabbana. It’s a modern masculine scent that captures the essence of simple pleasures of life with a hint of seduction. It is developed with spicy, invigorating and passionate aromas of the Mediterranean. The scent opens with invigorating spicy floral top notes that comprise grapefruit, bergamot, juniper and Sicilian mandarin. The subtle middle notes come from soft spice of rosewood, Sichuan pepper and rosemary. The base notes are of incense, American musk wood and oak moss, an understated blend linked with inborn sensuality. The fragrance is housed in an elite bottle with matte finish and cornflower-blue cap.

One Summer EDT Unisex by Calvin Klein

Clear by appearance and exemplary by fragrance, Calvin Klein One Summer is for everyone with a subtle taste. It is a spontaneous fragrance that invokes excitement. If you love green tea, you will certainly delight the blend of cardamom, Orris root, mandarin orange, bergamot and violet in this lively perfume.

The fruity and spicy top notes come from Papaya, Pineapple, Cardamom and Bergamot. The middle notes feature a mix of Rose, Violet, Jasmine and Nutmeg. The base notes are of Amber and Musk. The unisex perfume is recommended to wear in the day for a fresh appeal. If you are a sucker for the perfume bottles, then you’ll love the sleek appearance of this perfume. It comes in a beautiful translucent bottle with a silver screw cap.

L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme Summer by Issey Miyake

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer, an aromatic fruity scent was introduced in 2018. Alberto Morillas, a renowned spanish perfumer had conceived this perfume. It sends you into a sunny summer mood with a burst of tropical fruit. The refreshing top notes of aromatic coriander highlighted by a hint of bitter grapefruit are enhanced with the zest of Fresh Kiwi. The hearty middle notes express sweet-scented pineapple with bits of nutmeg. The perfumer has intensified the perfume and added structure with cypress and a vigorous, woody harmony of vetiver. It comes in a lovely translucent bottle of blue colour.

John Varvatos Artisan Blu Eau De Toilette For Men

A sophisticated, marine fragrance for men, this perfume gives you the idea of clear blue waters of the beach with the warmth of shining sun over it. The perfume Artisan Blu comes in a bohemian style bottle for the modern men of today.

The stimulating top notes comprise a blend of lavender, bergamot, chayote, basil and bitter orange. The middle notes combine iris, palmarosa, geranium, clary sage and orange blossom. The base notes feature pine, cedar, patchouli, resin from tamarisk wood and pistachio. The aesthetic perfume invokes the visions of seaside with its bracing, aromatic-citrusy effect.

If you are among the men who shower once in a while, then perfumes are something that you rely on. But it is advised to take a shower if you want them to show their best version. The scent you intend to choose among this list will mix with the body’s natural oils. So, it might do the opposite if you apply it when you are all dripping in sweat. You can apply a modest amount of spray before you head out for a special evening after a shower and Voila!

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