Best Dad fragrances: Thank him this Father's Day by gifting a signature smell

Best Dad fragrances: Thank him this Father's Day by gifting a signature smell

Coming up with the perfect gift for your dad can be tougher than nails! Not only does it have to put a smile on his face, but also mean so much more than a gift to anyone else. After all what is ever going to be enough to thank him for all that he has done for you. Of course, the fact it’s difficult to put a finger on your father’s likes and dislikes, and that too in something as intimate as grooming, is altogether another matter.

But if there’s one thing that every man likes, it is to smell nice. To have a signature smell. And there can’t be a more apt gift for your father on father’s day, than the gift of the perfect fragrance that matches his personality. To help you out, we have put together a list of our best perfumes, especially meant for dads – all kinds of dads! Whether he is a corporate suit-wearing dad, or the fun barbeque loving outdoorsy dad. Here are the 6 classiest men’s fragrances you can gift your father.

Calvin Klein Eternity Edt

A lovely citrus, floral and masculine fragrance, the Eternity EDT by Calvin Klein has been a hot favourite among men of all ages ever since it was launched in 1990.

The top notes of this fragrance consist of lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon that gives a citrusy punch to it. The middle notes have fresh floral layers of jasmine, geranium along with some surprise addition of basil, coriander and juniper berries essence. The scent mellows down to warmer notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and rosewood in the end.

If your father loves to keep lively and fresh all day long, whether at work or play, Calvin Klein Eternity is the fragrance for him.

Mont Blanc Legend Edt

This is a subtler and sombre fragrance, and somehow still makes the wearer noticeable. The Mont Blanc Legend EDT is a luxurious fragrance, that gently whispers an elegant and sharp grace to all those around.

The top notes of this fragrance consist of aromatic tones of exotic Lemon Verbena, Lavendar, Bergamot and Pineapple. The heart notes have a stark contrast with tones of Geranium, Apple, Dried Fruits and Oak Moss. The base notes have a rather pleasant fragrance of Tonka Bean and Sandalwood scents.

Apart from being the perfect statement fragrance to wear at a gala dinner party, Mont Blanc Legend’s sleek black bottle design makes it great for gifting too.

Hugo Boss Number One Edt

This is an old time favourite which was quite the rage in the eighties. Chances are, that your father might have worn this fragrance, and gifting him this again would be like a nostalgia trip back to his good ol’ days.

Known as the gentleman’s fragrance, Hugo Boss Number One has notes of warm musk, woody cedar, sweet mandarin, oak and earthy amber. It is the manliest and most luxurious a perfume can get.

Jovan Musk Cologne

A classic masculine fragrance, the MUSK! This is an irresistible fragrance loved by all men – young and old. If your father is someone who loves intense musky fragrance in his perfumes, then the Jovan Musk Cologne will make him a very happy man.

The best part about this fragrance is its long lasting sillage. The top notes of the perfume start off with citrus scents of Amalfi Lemon and Lime with a touch of pepper and Carnation. The heart notes of the perfume have spicy notes with Mint, Amber and floral Lavender in it. The base notes are what defines the perfume, as it dries down to the warm and manly fragrance of woody, musky notes.

Kenneth Cole Mankind Edt

A woody aromatic fragrance, this is a scent that has the perfect balance of sweet, masculine and earthy aromas in every spritz. If your father is someone who does everything with calculated precision and likes everything in perfect moderation, Kenneth Cole Mankind will make for a perfect every day fragrance, that can be worn around the year.

This fragrance has top notes of cardamom, ginger, tarragon leaf and pineapple. The heart notes are of cinnamon, vetiver and cedarwood. The base notes are beautiful mix of strong and pleasantly sweet, from tonka bean, skin musk, oak moss and sandalwood.

Hugo Boss The Scent Deodorant Spray

Not everyone likes to make a statement or have a signature smell. Some folks just want something that can mask the smell of perspiration without calling for much attention. If your father is one such person, then instead of a perfume gift him a deodorant.

And one of the classics in deodorant is The Scent Deodorant Spray by Hugo Boss. The top notes have Ginger and Manika Fruit, with a pleasant soothing scent in between with Lavender in the heart notes, while the base notes are of warm leather. It is the perfect fragrance, that doesn’t overpower body’s natural scent, yet makes one feel fresh.

And the best part about all the above fragrances? All of the above cost under 30 Pounds, so you can make your dad smile this Father’s Day with the perfect gift, without having to break the bank to buy these fragrances by premium brands.

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