6 all-season essentials you must stock up in your skincare closet right now!

6 all-season essentials you must stock up in your skincare closet right now!

A simple search on the internet for skincare throws up thousands of results showing tips, hacks, products and experts talking about what kind of skin care is required for different types of skin and what kind of product is right for which season and how to use it. Haven’t we all thought if we can have that one option for every product in our skincare closet, that can be used for all seasons.

Seems like today is your lucky day, as we at Activecare are going to present to you 6 all-season skincare essentials by Dermalogica, that you can and you must stock up in your closet.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

We are living lives that are fast and working jobs that require us to multitask. We when lead a life where our daily schedules can change in a snap, we tend to care less or forget about our skincare.

Keep your skin young and glowing without putting in much effort with this Special Cleansing Gel that washes all the impurities without bothering the natural moisture balance of the skin and gives you a natural glow with every cleanse. This is a product that can be used in all seasons, for any skin conditions

Age Smart Daily Superfoliant

Exfoliation is something that forms an integral part of one’s skincare regimen. Regularly exfoliating your skin can help you keep breakouts and blemishes on your face at bay. But because not everyone has the same skin, the market is full of different types of exfoliating creams that claim to be the best.

But this superfoliant, that comes in a powder formula, turns active when it comes in contact with water. Enriched with Binchotan Charcoal, it purifies your skin, absorbs stubborn impurities within your pores and smoothens the skin. And the best part, it contains no artificial colours, fragrances or parabens.

Multi-Active Toner

A light, skin-prepping toner, this is a hydrating serum that helps your skin with the next step of skin care after cleansing and exfoliation, i.e. moisturisation. While this product is enriched Lavender, which helps purify and soothe the skin, the Aloe Vera cools down and softens it.

Apart from giving your skin a burst of hydration with every spray, it evens out the pores of the skin, which helps in better absorption of moisturiser into the dermis. Apart from using it as a part of your skincare regimen, you can also carry it with you while travelling, to combat dry skin and freshen up regularly.

Phyto Replenish Oil

This is a dewey defense for your skin, a feather-light oil treatment which provides your skin with hydration, strength and shields the skin from losing out moisture when exposed to external aggressors and the open environment. Additionally, it gives your skin a brilliant luminosity that looks very natural.

When you stay out for long duration under the sun, its harmful UV rays can form free radicals on the skin, which can cause damage to it. But with this oil-based treatment, you protect your skin and further reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. You can either put it on directly on the skin, or wear it under a layer of foundation.

Intensive Eye Repair

We have always said this, that the skin around our eyes are the most sensitive ones, and any damage to your skin is first visible around your eyes. Hence, your skincare regimen must contain something special for the skin around your eyes.

The intensive eye repair is an ultra-rich, concentrated cream which is enriched with antioxidant properties to repair damage to the skin and replenish it back with the nourishment and moisture it loses over time. The Vitamins A, C and E keep the free radical growth at bay, which is what causes visible fine lines of ageing around the eyes. Apply a small amount on the area of damage in the evening after moisturisation.

Sheer Tint Medium Moisturiser SPF20

While some may say that a good, creamy moisturiser is enough to protect the skin from the harmful sun, others may claim that nothing does the job like a good sunscreen. How about you get the best of both worlds. We believe sunscreen is something every woman must use irrespective of the season, to ensure that your skin stays protected.

The Sheer Tint Medium is a moisturizer that is enriched with SPF 20, is an all day sunscreen based moisturizer that not only keeps your skin hydrated, but also protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It is a slightly tinged cream, which helps in balancing the skin tone, a complaint that is usually heard when people wish to avoid sunscreen.

All the above products are best in all kinds of weather and all seasons. Stocking them up in your skincare closet will keep you sorted all year long, and you won’t have to go shopping for a different kind of product as soon as the weather changes.

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