Self-Isolated? Now is the best time to work on all your Beauty Goals!

Self-Isolated? Now is the best time to work on all your Beauty Goals!

Getting bored forced to sit at home? You’re not alone. The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown everyone’s lives out of gear, leaving many of us wondering what to do with so much time on our hands. Just so that you do not end up procrastinating all day on what to do and end up doing nothing instead, we’re going to help you out here a bit.

This is the best time for you to pamper yourself. And what could be better than a complete beauty makeover that you’ve been postponing at your salon all this time; or trying new beauty hacks every other day. Because hey, this too shall pass. You will be out again and one day, and you want to look your glowing best then!

Give your hair some much needed TLC

With all this time on hand, you can finally do something extra for one of the most beautiful part of your face, the HAIR. If you think that regular oiling, followed by a good shampoo wash is enough to take care of your hair, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Make the best of your quarantine period by trying out some of the finest deep conditioning hair masks available with us, like the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. If you have coloured hair, then you could go for Colour Goddess Miracle Treatment Mask by Tigi. Else, you could make your own homemade, DIY hair masks to achieve a full bodied, naturally smooth mane. You can use products like bananas, eggs and mayonnaise to make easy to apply hair packs at home, for almost no cost.

Get a new haircut, on your own!

Unable to make your appointment with the hairstylist at the salon for your regular haircut? How about some DIY hair cutting sessions at home? It is important for you to know some basic tricks with the scissors to chop off some of the unnecessary and overgrown locks that might hinder your overall look.

The internet is your best friend when it comes to learning some of the cool DIY trick for everything. Even haircutting. Here’s an interesting tutorial video for haircutting at home by Patry Jordan, that will help you in getting the hair styled the way you want.

Colour your hair, all by yourself!

This is the perfect opportunity for you try something daring. And we suggest, colouring your hair on your own, with no professional assistance or cost. Nowadays the market is flooded with various DIY hair colouring products like the Revlon Nutri Colour range. And now is the time you can try your hand at it. Because, even if you fail, there’s no one to judge you and you have ample time to fix the mess.

Here are few tips for you though…

  • Always keep an extra pair of gloves handy
  • Never skip the strand test in the beginning
  • Always start from the top and roots


    A new lip shade, every day!

    Most of you might be working from home. Which means you definitely have to do a little bit of touch up to ensure you look presentable during the video conference with your team in the morning.

    And this is the perfect opportunity for you to flaunt your enviable collection of lip colour, which you have been hoarding since ages, telling yourself that you will try them when the time comes. Well, girl, the time has come and its waiting!

    Try a new shade every day, and never shy away from mixing and matching it with your outfits daily! And yes, do not forget to click that customary selfie!

    But if you’re someone who believes in the natural colour of your lip, we have something for that too. Try the Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Balm, which brings out a natural flush of colour on your lips.

    How about some nail art every week?

    We know, you all have been fascinated by the numerous nail art videos and posts online on social media, and have always wanted one for yourself. Well, right now is the right time for it!

    Pull out the best of nail colours from your beauty box, even the ones that you’ve secretly stashed aside only for special occasions. Try a single shade or multiple one over the other on every nail. Make your beautiful nails your canvas. And to help you out a bit, here’s a DIY nail art tutorial by cutepolish.

    Dress up in your finest!

    So what if you’re by your own every day? That doesn’t mean you cannot look your finest in the confines of your own home. Studies suggest that when you dress well, you start feeling more confident about yourself and it further helps you command more respect and communicate effectively with people.

    So the next time you’re about to get on a video call with your team, how about dressing in your best tops, and looking your beautiful best. It will definitely make your day start on a high and have productive working from home day well.

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