Secrets of the Stars: How to recreate their Oscars 2020 look without spending a bomb

Secrets of the Stars: How to Recreate their Oscars 2020 Look without spending a Bomb

Oscars night is one of the biggest nights of Hollywood, not just because the best and biggest are awarded for their work and talent, but also because it is the night wherein, what the celebrities wear and how they wear it to the red carpet sets the tone of fashion and media for days, weeks and months to come. These starry looks include their outrageously beautiful dresses, jewellery and accessories, but what holds it all together is their hair and makeup.

Oscars 2020 saw some of the best talents from the industry make bold beauty choices at the red carpet last night from Joker actress Zazie Beetz’s bouncy curls to Billy Porter’s bright dewy look. And here’s how to achieve the best hair and makeup looks from the Oscars without spending a bomb on cosmetics and beauty products.

  • Zazzie Beetz Oscar LookImage Source: Getty / John Shearer
  • German actress Zazzie Beetz took over the fashion world with her beautiful bouncy curls with very little makeup on her face to flaunt her natural glow, which she completed with a killer combination of icy jewellery and a sultry smoky eyeliner. We found out hat Zazzie went with the Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Spray to achieve her voluminous curls, you can get a similar hairdo with the Tigi Bed Head Superstar Queen. To recreate those smoky eyes, you can go with the Black Satin Art Liner by Lancome.

  • Margot Robbie Janelle Monáe Oscar LookImage Source: Getty / Amy Sussman
  • One of the winning looks were that of Margot Robbie and Janelle Monáe. While both Robbie and Monáe decided to go back in time and bring back in vogue, the siren-red lips, the former rocked them with her beautiful wavy blond locks. Monáe decided to go bold and beautiful with long and voluminous Lashify Lashes to add to her beauty. Robbie’s wavy hair is a result of regular care to protect her hair from the damage from constant product usage for the various styles she flaunts at red carpets.

    For similar care, we suggest regularly washing your hair with Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo by L’Oreal, as it is suitable for both blond and black hair. Follow it up with a good conditioner like the Redken Curvaceous Leave in & Rinse out conditioner and lightly blow dry it after soaking up the excess moisture from hair. For winged lashes like Monáe’s, we suggest trying the Little Black Primer by Estee Lauder to get luxuriously long curled eyelashes.

  • Regina King Oscar LookImage Source: Getty / Amy Sussman
  • One of the most attractive women in the Oscar Red Carpet was Regina King who looked her elegant best in candy blush pink attire, right from her make-up to her Versace dress. To maintain an elaborate hairdo like King’s, you can use the Maxxed Out Massive Hold hairspray by Tigi, which gives you soft hair by maintaining the hair’s moisture while still giving it long-lasting hold for long evening events like the awards night. King’s dramatic sultry lashes were also the talk of the town, something you can also achieve using the Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara. And for those juicy pink lips, choose the Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Balm, to protect your lips AND give a brilliant lustre and shine to those lips. You can achieve the light blush on your cheeks and eyelids with the pink eyeshadow and shades available in the 60 piece Urban Beauty Vanity Case.

  • Laura Dern Oscar LookImage Source: Getty / Amy Sussman
  • Actresses like Mindy Kaling, Gabrielle Union, Laura Dern and Beanie Feldstien decided to keep it simple yet sassy, natural yet stunning with their very light and almost non-visible makeup. While you might be wondering if it is possible to achieve such smooth and perfect skin, then the answer is YES. While our Urban Beauty Vanity Case does have everything from various shades for different skin tones and the appropriate applicators for it, you can also get the even smooth texture from the Revlon Colourstay Foundation, which comes in all shades for varying skin types. Either use it as a foundation for makeup or simply apply it to your skin after moisturising for an even tone.

  • Billy Oscar LookImage Source: Getty / Amy Sussman
  • One of the fashion and beauty highlights of the red carpet were the two Billies: Billie Eilish and Billy Porter. No, we mean literally! While the Bad Guy singer had her flashy fluorescent highlights on hair steal the show, the other Billy wore a stunning glow on his flawless skin and 1920’s inspired hair. Billy Porter wore a Hydrating Camo Concealer. And you can achieve a similar dewy look with a two-step process. First cleanse and exfoliating your skin with the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow and then follow it up with the Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, which gives great texture and glow to the skin. And men, for the hair, the best product to replicate that slick-back look would be the American Crew Styling Gel Firm Hold.

    So go crazy and try out your favourite Oscar 2020 hair and makeup look. And the best part? With our suggestions above, you don’t need to shell out a bomb at the salon or on high-end products at the boutique, to achieve the Oscar’s glam look.

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