Meet the Best Autumn Fragrances You've been waiting for

Meet the Best Autumn Fragrances You've been waiting for

Finding your go-to signature scent can be hard. Everyone wants to find The One, but when reading about new fragrances, it's nearly impossible to know whether or not you'll actually like it. You can read all the reviews you want, but unless you've got a specially trained nose, ordering fragrances online can be confusing.

Whether you're in search of classic autumn sweetness or looking to experiment with a moodier oud, this broad lineup of new fall fragrances includes something for everyone. So before you freak about tucking away your summer swim collection, here are 10 fragrances to get psyched for fall and winter.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

YSL's iconic "Black Opium" perfume combines coffee, vanilla and jasmine is the perfect need on a crisp fall day. Created by master perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne, this perfume comes in a glamorous black translucent glass flacon with pink sequin dots scattered around it. This is a perfume a woman can wear anytime she wants, anywhere she wants, because she doesn’t need an occasion to shine.

2. Dolce & Gabbana – The One

With a classic name like The One, Dolce & Gabbana’s release is equally modern and elegant making for an oriental perfume that has evolved into an enduring fragrance. A tailor made scent for the sophisticated man, The One features a harmony of tobacco notes and refined spices. The cologne design is an extension of this timeless scent, as the glass bottle features polished geometric lines symbolizing the contemporary luxury of the brand that defines masculine charm and sensuality.

3. Chloé Signature Edp Women

Chloe Signature is a fresh powdery floral fragrance with fall-friendly hints of cedarwood and white ambers by the Parisian fashion house, is truly a classic scent. Suited to a free-spirited lady with confident, creative and graceful persona. Created by Amandine Clerc-Marie and Michael Almairac, this was launched in the year 2008. This signature fragrance draws on the classic rose creating an ultimate feminine scent, which stay subtly detectable throughout the day.

4. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Deep and dark, Tom Ford Black Orchid features black truffle and plum notes, with a spicy rum swirling through the layers. A little bit of bergamot and bitter orange keeps it from being too heavy, but this is absolutely a cooler-weather fragrance. Black Orchid is opulent and classically dark, one of the finest creations from the house of Tom Ford. The bottle is designed in black-glass making an unforgettable statement of iconic style and worldly glamour.

5. Versace Eros

With an iconic brand like Versace, this series is enough to develop themes of love, passion, beauty and the desire into an accomplished fragrance. Eros recalls a man of passion, empowered by the mastery of himself. An intense and vibrant combination of mint, lemon zest and green apple, this fragrance envelopes these tones to create a refined scent for the audacious man. This fragrance interprets luxury masculinity with an intense, vibrant and pleasing freshness.

6. Giorgio Armani Si

If there is any combination of feminine perfume that is intoxicating and charming despite being light, then it would be Si by Giorgio Armani. It is an aromatic rose scented fragrance for women who are sensual and strong at the same time. It is beautiful and sensuous fragrance leaves your sense and also empowering women to express themselves freely. This perfume is the perfect choice to wear for a quick date with your love on an autumn evening.

7. Dior J’adore

The iconic gold bottle of J'Adore perfume, which we all know and love but with a super sensual update. It is a sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply sensual and totally feminine. A sharp, yet floral scent that is finely crafted down to the last detail. This floral and fruity fragrance for women is a new addition to the collection of the radiant scents with absolute femininity. Created in 1999, it has been described as a new, beautiful, glamorous and sensual.

8. Hugo Boss The Scent

Finding a salient balance between confidence and nonchalance, Hugo Boss’ The Scent brings an alluring energy to its featured male cologne. Described as a masterful orchestration of all senses, The Scent’s boundless fragrance accentuates spiced ginger mixed with playful tones of lavender. Radiating with magnetic masculinity, The Scent is made for the man looking to make a lasting impression.

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