Makeup Gift Sets - Active Care Store

Makeup Gift Sets - Active Care Store

Holiday Season is round the corner which calls for festivities, good food and of course gifts. We await this time of the year to spend time with our loved ones. Everyone is excited to receive the wonderful presents but when it comes to picking out gifts for others, we can’t think of anything. We thought why not make this easier for you. Active Care Store has come up with a list of gift ideas for you this festive season. You just enjoy it and leave the rest on us.

Makeup Gift Sets

The benefits of makeup gift sets are endless. You can gift it to your wife, mother, sister or daughter. Anyone would be pleased with a thoughtful gift like this. Let us look at some of the amazing sets that Active Care Store has for you.

Thanksgiving Makeup Set

Thanksgiving is a wonderful occasion to show your appreciation in the form of gifts. No woman can deny a beautiful hamper of make up. Thank the special woman of your life with a Makeup set on this Thanksgiving and she’ll be flattered.

My Treasure Vanity Case by Urban Beauty (113 Piece)

Urban Beauty's 113-piece makeup case. This multipurpose makeup kit allows to create thousands of various styles. It comes with an abundance of eyeshadows, lip glosses, and other cosmetics. From gentle pastels and pinks to dazzling blues and greens, this collection offers a wide range of colours and designs. No matter what is the occasion, you'll have the perfect appearance.

It's an absolute treasure trove of options and variations for achieving the look you have in your mind, as well as new trends to try. Its varied and extensive selection is carefully chosen to enchant and inspire you. The assortment of makeup comes in a practical and compact designed stylish aluminium case.

The box contains 80 Eye Shadows, 14 Lip Glosses, 3 Rouge, 3 Nail Polish, 2 Lipsticks, 1 Face Powder, 1 Eyeliner, 1 Mascara, 1 Eye Pencil, 1 Lip Liner Pencil, 5 Brush/Applicator Kit and an Integrated Mirror.

Vanity Case by Urban Beauty (60 Piece)

This Vanity case by Urban Beauty has everything that a girl could ask for. You can choose among a wide variety of makeup colours, eyeliners, and blushers, as well as numerous brushes and applicators, all in a robust silver travel-box.

This isn't just a cosmetics case. It's a modern-day Aladdin's lamp that can transform you from a plain Jane to a Princess in seconds! There's a shade for every skin tone and type, as well as applicators to guarantee you obtain the proper shade and consistency. A built-in mirror aids in attaining salon-style make-up with perfection. To acquire those beautifully carved nails, we’ve added a pair of nail-filers and nail clippers. Make a statement wherever you go, every day!

The box consists of 8 Eyeshadow Quad Palettes (32 Individual Colours), 4 cream eyeshadows, 2 each Blushes, Nail Polish, Lipsticks, Lipglosses, double-ended applicators and one each of double-ended Eye Pencil, double-ended Eye Pencil, Eyebrow Pencil, double-ended Lip Pencil, Mascara, Blusher Brush, Selection Nail, Stickers, Pencil Sharpener, Toe Separator, Nail Clipper and Nail Filer.

Christmas Makeup Gift Sets

What could be a better occasion than Christmas to gift your loved ones.

Clear Carry Case Makeup Set by Technic Cosmetics

Now you can take your stylist with you everywhere you go quite literally! You'll find everything you need in a clear, compact and robust travel case, to pull off a stunning look at any time.

You won't have to rely on overcrowded salons and stylists for your regular or even occasional make-up fix. Wherever you travel, be your own stylist and carry your own salon with Technic Makeup set. Essentials Makeup Carry Case by Technic Cosmetics offers everything you'll need for your eyes, lips, and face, so you can look your best. It comes in a durable, spill-proof glass case.

Give it to someone who enjoys looking her most beautiful every day. Or you can even gift it to yourself this Christmas. Be your own Santa.

The box comes with three different shades of lip-glosses, lipsticks, nail-varnish, cream eye shadow, blusher, two different eyeliners, four different eye shadow compacts, lip liner pencils, blusher brushes, foam applicator, toe dividers and orange sticks, one each of face powder, compact holder, mirror, emery board, cuticle pusher and a pencil sharpener. There are also sixteen colours of power eye shadows included.

Skin care products

Skincare products are yet another a great gift option for your loved ones on special occasions. You exactly know where to find the best skin care products in UK. Active Care Store has your back and picked out the best ones among the lot. Some people like to use natural skin care products but they take their own sweet time to show results and may not even suit every skin type. If you’re looking for quicker and more efficient results, we have the perfect products for you from the best brands.

Multivitamin Thermafoliant by Dermalogica

This is a multivitamin thermal skin exfoliator that nourishes your skin with anti-aging qualities while also smoothing out the texture. Your skin seems more radiant and smoother only in a moment.

Multivitamin Thermafoliant by Dermalogica is a powerful, vitamin-enriched thermal exfoliant and skin polisher that ensures a smooth skin texture by removing dead skin cells from the surface and increasing the penetration of various anti-aging vitamins into your skin, which helps you prevent the onset of early signs of ageing. Licorice and Vitamins C and E aid to improve the radiance of the skin, while White Tea extracts help to prevent collagen-degrading MMPs from forming.

Daily Resurfacer by Dermalogica

This is a three-in-one treatment that helps to resurface and smooth your skin while also reducing wrinkles and apparent indications of aging. It also increases the brightness of your skin.

Dermalogica's Daily Resurfacer is a set of 35 sachets containing precisely calculated doses of a leave-on exfoliating treatment solution that helps to resurface, smoothen, and brighten your skin right away.

This product contains hydroxy acids, which aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the dermis and aid in the renewal of skin cells. It also aids in the improvement of skin texture. The Rooibos extract combined with Green Tea is a potent antioxidant that calms the skin. Unshiu peel brightens dull skin and slows down the effects of products on the skin's melanin. Pour the contents of the packet into the applicator that comes with the product for optimal effects. In a circular motion, gently massage it into the skin.

Pro-Collagen Night Cream by Elemis

Stress, sleep deprivation, and pollution are all factors that have an impact on skin health and may even contribute to premature skin ageing. Pro-Collagen Night Cream by Elemis is developed using the Smart Drone Technology. Recharge your complexion with a younger and smoother-looking skin. Being a nighttime skin treatment, it develops a protective barrier to seal in hydration and works all night to help stressed-out skin regain its natural balance.

You can use this cream every night before going to bed. You'll notice that your skin is firmer and less wrinkled, with a more youthful complexion and evident bounce-back.

Vanilla perfume

Who doesn’t love perfumes? They are a great choice of gift if you want the other person to remember you in a special way. Perfumes make memories. You link a certain scent with a significant memory. Perfumes have a very special role to play in our lives. And the exotic notes of Vanilla imprints its beautiful scent in our minds. Active Care Store has a collection of best vanilla perfume in the United Kingdom.

Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum Spray by Tom Ford

Rightly said by Tom ford, Tobacco Vanille is warm, opulent, and an iconic perfume. A beautiful blend of vanilla, rich spices, and tobacco flower, reminds you of an English gentleman's club and leaves a powerful impression on everyone you’re around with. This perfume is ideal for a modern and heady impression of power and confidence.

The Scent Absolute EDP For Women by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss's magnificent oriental vanilla scent for women will make you stand out. The scent portrays the bold and elegant lady who instantly captivates everyone's attention like the perfume she wears. It is a contemporary, seductive, and irresistible fragrance with a long-lasting sillage. The base notes are made up of vanilla and vetiver for a deep and sensuous experience.

Le Male EDT For Men by Jean Paul Gaultier

The product is intended to create a powerful and sensible, modern and warm, manly and delicate effect. Le Male is a seductive and alluring scent that entices with its originality.

Le Male is a seductive perfume for men, inspired by a unique image of masculinity. Fresh and light, yet bold and passionate, the perfume is formed of refreshing notes that enchant with their distinctiveness. Vanilla brings a sense of warmth to the blend. It is ideal for the man who is passionate yet practical, innovative yet conventional, and daring yet reassuring.

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