Make 2020 The Year of Curls: Five best products to keep your curls happy and healthy

Make 2020 The Year of Curls: Five best products to keep your curls happy and healthy

Let’s accept it, CURLS ARE THE BEST! Curls can make any woman beautiful, no matter how old she is or what her complexion is. While rocking these lovely locks can make heads turn everywhere you go, it takes great effort to maintain its health and beauty every day. Along with all the attention, comes the numerous challenges in making sure that your curls last long and the products used to define and shape curls do not end up damaging the strands.

Let’s make 2020 the year of curls! If you have always wanted to flaunt your beautiful curls with great definition and bounce, always ended up procrastinating on the research on how to maintain them, then look no more. This is the definitive guide to make your curls look more beautiful and healthy.

And we at Activecare, have got your back with some great products created and curated especially for those who love to show-off their curls every day of the year, whether at work or play. From shampoos, gels, creams and oils, we’ve got the best of everything you’ll need to look drop-dead gorgeous with beautiful, sexy, healthy curly hair.

Loreal Serie Expert Curl Contour Shampoo

Whether you are naturally blessed with lovely ringlets of curls, or you have achieved them using styling tools, this curl contour shampoo is something every woman who love to rock their curls, must use. This nourishing shampoo helps you prep, enhance and/or define your lovely waves and curls with every wash. This is the perfect shampoo that defines your luscious locks and deeply nourishes the hair fibre. With its Oil Micro-emulsion formula, it provides your curls with a perfectly balanced dose of nutrition and definition to reshape your curls. With every rinse, you achieve a deep cleanse that helps your hair get rid of all the pollutants and impurities that get stuck to the strands and scalp, and wash off the residue of creams and oil that you apply as a part of your curly hair care routine. Your hair feels light and healthy.

Tigi Bed Head Screw It Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil

After a refreshing wash, it is time for some conditioning. When you get curls, what comes as a part and parcel of it are the constant risks of unwanted frizz and flyaways, especially during humid days. Taming them using heat-treatment appliances can cause more damage than help. And for such scenarios, there this curl hydrating oil by Tigi, a brand known for its curl specialist hair care products.

The Screw It Curls Hydrating Jelly Oil is a leave-in oil-based serum for your hair to provide it with intense moisturization and great shine to the strands. It is a styling treat that loves your curls and conditions your hair, hydrating it from deep within. It is enriched with the nourishing properties of Brazil Nut and Babassu oils. Along with it, the Frizz Fighting Complex of Tigi helps your tame flyaways and bring down frizz significantly. Your hair remains smooth and shiny thanks to the Detangling Boosters that keep the curls and hair strands from locking and tangling into each other. It detangles and reduces the friction which roughens up the strands. Use it just like that or mix it with your favourite styling product while applying. It leaves your hair sweet-smelling with a fruity fragrance and rinses off easily in a single wash.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

When you have curls, you must flaunt it. But at times you have to tie them up and keep them in place. Keeping your curly hair scrunched up is a difficult task. And for such situations, there’s the curl control mousse by Moroccanoil. It not only helps control your hair but also nourishes it. It also acts as a styling agent for you to experiment with multiple styles of tied up curls. It perfectly defines your hair the way you wish, with a tangle-free and long-lasting hold. It locks the moisture in your hair and beats the frizz during humid weather. The anti-oxidant rich argan oil extracts strengthen hair with a smooth, manageable texture, without weighing it down with sticky residue. This mousse detangles the curls and ringlets, giving your tresses a natural plump and bounce every time you open up the scrunchie.

Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls

FOXY CURLS, the trademark hair contour cream by Tigi is a boon for those who love to flaunt their curly, wavy locks but have to undergo product top-ups frequently to maintain them. The new and improved formula of this product by Tigi has the latest curl technology, Curl Contouring Complex, that provides your hair with great curls and waves and maintains them up to 72 hours! The Anti-Frizz Blend helps fight humidity and tackles frizzy and static hair for the duration, without any additional top-ups. The Superior Styling Polymers in the product gives your hair a light hold, perfect to rock those beautiful waves and curls. Define, shape and support your soft and manageable curly hairdo whenever, or wherever you want without worrying about any environmental aggressors and pollution. A brilliant product to have in your hair care essentials and styling routine.

Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier Curl Defining Cream

While there are several products out there in the market that claim to provide your curls with great definition, they do not last long. Apart from that, most of these creams are heavily greasy, which means anything that comes in contact with your hair is going to get messy. The Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier gives your curls a natural-looking texture and finish. This is a curl defining crème hairspray that detangles your curls, gives it long-lasting hold and a vibrant gloss. This product is built around the aquatic concept of moisturising and soothing, hence bringing out the best of your curls. Enriched with thermal and environmental protectors, polymers and essential oils, this aerosol cream separates your locks from detangling, provides great lift from the roots for a bouncy feel and allows you to define your curly hair or streamline your waves with superior hold for a long duration of time. It contains a fusion of algae, kelp, cucumber water, seaweed and fennel that unleashes the power of the ocean for great hydration and replenishment of moisture to your hair and scalp.

With these products, make 2020 the year of curls. Show them off with style everywhere, every day.

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