Here’s how to pick the right fragrance for every occasion.

Here’s how to pick the right fragrance for every occasion.

It is imperative for a man aiming for perfection, to be always dressed for the occasion. The colours we wear mirrors our personality, the style we choose defines our taste in life. But what about how we smell?

The one thing that creates a lasting impression of you, even before you enter the room, is your fragrance. And this is where men make the cardinal mistake, of not considering the importance of the fragrance you pick with your outfit. Just like your clothes, even fragrances have their specific occasions and settings to be worn.

And today we’re going to help you pick the right fragrance, which will make you stand out as the best.

Landing that dream job!

The one place where you cannot escape being judged from head to toe is the interview room. It is a nerve-wracking conundrum as you are supposed to impress those whom you have either never met or the ones who you’ve always admired from distance. One minor mistake and you might lose a great opportunity in life. And wearing the wrong or no perfume is one such mistake.

Make a statement, a confident one, from the very moment you enter the cabin. Wear a fragrance that defines freshness, purity, and flawlessness. Aquatic notes like the Mont Blanc Legend Spirit or Davidoff Coolwater EDT can be the best choice to go with. Another good fragrance to go with is the Hugo Boss Just Different.

The best colleague at work…

It is difficult to please everyone around you, especially when you’re in a competitive space like your workplace. But it is not impossible! Everyone loves to work beside someone who’s well-mannered, sharply dressed and smells nice all day. Carrying a pleasant fragrance around you creates a positive impact on the people around you.

Always pick a crisp, light scent that has the aromatic undertones of fresh citruses and greens. Wearing fragrances like Tommy Eu de Toilette gives you the perfect sillage that subtly announces your arrival and doesn’t overpower the mood of the room. Similar scents that we’d suggest are the L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake and Hugo Boss Man Green EDT.

The perfect host for the night…

Whether it is a games night, a sumptuous dinner or a fun night out binge-watching your favourite show, you have to assert your position as the host of the evening, and not just one from the crowd. And nothing makes you stand apart like a unique, warm fragrance with your casual attire.

At settings where there’s going to be some aromatic food and lively drinking, you do not want your fragrance to overpower the mood of the room and alter the sense of taste of the people. Pick fragrances that mingle well and yet stands out, making you noticeable and attractive. Go for something woodsy, with a hint of pleasant finish, like Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne or Calvin Klein Obsession EDT.

For the romantic evening…

Sweeping your beloved off her feet requires a lot more than just a candle-lit table on the rooftop with her favourite cuisine being served. A date night is more of an experience; it is your expression of love. And make sure you tick every box from the word go, starting with the way you smell.

Smell like a million bucks with fragrances that are sensual, playful and manly, which will ensure that the hug lasts longer than usual and she remembers you by the fragrant olfactory experience she had every time she leaned close to you. We suggest you some fool proof classics like Intenso Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne or Prada Amber Pour Homme EDT.

The one who works hard and parties harder…

What is life, without a little celebration here, a small toast there? For men who love to celebrate their victories regularly! After a long, trying day, while normal people believe in lying down, special ones believe in putting their hair down instead and celebrating a successful week at work.

Having an activity-filled off-day or a celebratory evening could mean you end up sweating profusely, with an odour that might choke the people next to you. Wear lasting yet light cologne which starts strong and wears off to a pleasant smell. A good deodorant could also be a better option. Lacoste Red Style in Play or Lacoste Challenge has the woody masculine scents with a fruity touch to it. Another suggestion would the sensual The Scent by Hugo Boss.

Your best guest at every function…

Just like people remember the gracious host after every celebration, they also remember the best guest too and they look forward to seeing you again at the next wedding or birthday. For being a smooth talker and friendly guest, there couldn’t be a better ice breaker than your choice of perfume. Your fragrance must be captivating, but not too strong that makes everyone turn up their noses.

Smell fresh, innocent and pleasing, yet not making head turns, either in admiration or in disgust. Because remember, you’re not the hero of the day, but the perfect sidekick. We suggest you go with floral or fruity fragrances, which denote the celebration of life. There’s no harm in having a musky finish too. Some options that you could pick are Joop! Homme EDT and L!ve EDT by Lacoste.

To summarize, it is important for men to not just have a wardrobe with an eclectic selection of shirts, trousers, coats, and hats, but a whole shelf dedicated to an array of perfumes and deodorants to choose from, given the occasion or event he is going to be present in. Look at it as an investment, and not an expense, because people do not remember those who were basic, they remember the ones who made a statement.

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