So how do Eye Serums work? Here's everything you need to know

So how do Eye Serums work? Here's everything you need to know

We all lead a busy life, during the regular days before the pandemic, and even during the isolation. And due to the excessive work, stress and lack of rest, dark circles, puffy eyes and ageing signs have become a common phenomenon. And the most common advice we get to get rid of these puffy eyes and dark circles is to keep a special product just for the eye, apart from your facial skincare products. But what are these special eye products and how do they work? Let’s know!

What is an Eye Serum?

Eye serums are specially formulated skin care products, often in gel form, that care for the skin around your eyes and targets the fine lines of ageing, wrinkles and other problems. Most of these serums/creams are night products, to be applied before going to bed.

Why do you need an eye serum?

The skin around our eyes is among the thinnest, most delicate ones. This part of the skin undergoes the maximum movements and stretching while we express ourselves with reactions using eyes. So the usual creams aren’t enough to repair the cell damage happening on this part of the skin.

Difference between a moisturiser & eye serum

The moisturiser is usually used to maintain the hydration levels of the skin and keep it soft during the day. While the eye serums are specially formulated to match the pH levels of the skin beneath the eye which is very sensitive and delicate. A regular moisturiser is thicker in consistency compared to the serum which is very light and active.

What exactly does your eye serum do?

First of all, let’s get one claim out of the window. NO, eye serums do not really stop ageing. But what it does is actually reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. The many active ingredients in it help in speeding up the process of cell reproduction because as we get older, our skin cells do not reproduce quicker.

What are the ingredients in an eye serum?

Here’s a more broken down version of the answer you’re expecting. When you’re picking any eye serum, look for the below ingredients in them.

- Hyaluronic Acid (For moisturisation)
Constant exposure to the environment in the open can dry up our skin, and the first place to feel its effects are the eyes. The hyaluronic acid does the job of keeping the skin tissues lubricated and moist. This ingredient in your eye serum reduces the visibility of fine lines overnight.

- Ceramides (For hydration)
Ceramides are lipids which helps form and maintain the moisture barrier of the skin. And the skin around the eye needs this the most along with hyaluronic acid to maintain the hydration levels and health of the skin.

- Vitamin C (For getting rid of dark circles)
Vitamin C helps in getting rid and slowing down the formation of free radicals under the skin, which are the major cause behind the formation of dark circles. Ensure that your serum has this ingredient.

- Retinol (For smoothing out wrinkles)
Retinoids or Retinols help in boosting the production of collagen in your skin, which gradually reduces as you age. The retinol does not stop the formation of wrinkles altogether, but yes, they do slow down the process to a great extent.

- Caffeine (To deal with puffiness)
Clinical research has proven that caffeine as an active ingredient in skin creams reduces puffiness and redness on the skin. It reduces the formation of “eye-bags” under your eyes by narrowing the blood vessels and calming the skin down.

Here are our top picks when it comes eye serums and skincare creams. They’re safe and are proven effective in correcting the damage to the skin under the eyes.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Aging Eye Cream

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

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