A Holiday Gifter’s Guide for Picking the Perfect Fragrance as a Gift

A Holiday Gifter’s Guide for Picking the Perfect Fragrance as a Gift

The joy of receiving a gift from someone loved during the holiday season is an unmatchable feeling. And when the gift is something very personalized and thoughtful, it reminds the receiver of the gift and the gifter for a long time. The smell is one of the most powerful of the five senses, and giving someone you love a gift of pleasant olfactory experience can be a make or break decision. Because picking a perfume can be a personal choice. And hence, to help you out with picking the perfect gift of fragrance this holiday season, here are our top ten fragrances for men and women.

Hugo Boss Man (Green) Eau de Toilette

This is an intense and exquisite fragrance for men by Hugo Boss. The fragrance of this Eau De Toilette replicates the smells of oceans and sea waves crashing on the coast. It has the beautiful blends of woods, fresh scents of fruits and floral and a masculine finish of patchouli. Gift it to those men, who love to live their lives on their own terms and charm everyone around.

Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette Spray

This perfume is for the men who love to be the life of the party his charming spirit is adored by one and all. This eau de toilette has aromas ranging from spicy, floral, fruity, woody and citruses, that creates a fun and refreshing sillage around the wearer. It calls out for attention towards you from the moment you walk into the room. A perfect gift to the man who you love hanging out with every day.

Calvin Klein Eternity Edt for Men

This layered fragrance bottle by Calvin Klein is for the men who are always on the move and saving the world, and yet never gives up on his essence and style. The Eternity Eau De Toilette has a beautiful and playful harmony of citrus, floral and masculine fragrance notes to it. It has a long- lasting sillage, that is perfect for the colder months. Gift it to your male buddy or your hubby who travels around a lot.

D&G The One Eau de Toilette

This perfume an elixir of exquisite blends that defines the admirable masculine charm and sensuality. It is a sensual fusion of oriental and masculine fragrances like Orange Blossoms and Cedar Wood. It has a surprise, spicy hit from the addition of ginger and cardamom that makes this EDT a unique fragrance. This is the perfect holiday gift of fragrance you could give to your man, who loves taking you out on elegant, sit down dinner dates.

Hugo Boss Bottled Intense Edp Men

A luxurious scent for a sophisticated man who is a winner in life, who is a go getter and lives life to the fullest. This intense perfume magnifies his masculinity by notches with the warm and woody notes in it. With a sillage that lasts long all day and night, this is something you should gift your man who works hard and parties harder.

Gucci Premier Edp for Women

It is luxurious, it is intriguing, it is sultry and yet it is feminine. This premium fragrance by Gucci is what a boss lady would love to wear both work and play, every day. It has contrasting yet admiring scents of florals, citruses and a surprise hit of the warmth of musk. This is something that you must gift your bestie, who you believe is a star and must smell like one. It's lasting sillage ensures that heads turn, take notice of her and admire her charm and grace.

Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb Eau de Toilette

An explosion of sensory pleasures on your skin and dream in a bottle. This is how the Flowerbomb by Voktor and Rolf is described. Just like its name, every spritz of this beautiful fragrance is burst of fresh florals and citruses with pleasantly warm base of cashmere wood. If your friend of lady love is a fan of the spring all year long, gift her this lovely perfume that will make her happy and feel loved.

Lanvin Arpege Edp for Women

This is a reinvention of the classic fragrance Arpege, an intense floral perfume that has been every woman's favourite from the that era, till today. Bottled in a luxurious looking bottle, this perfume has the pleasant notes of jasmines, vanilla and peach. What blends it beautifully is the warm base note of musk and vetiver. Gift it to her to wear it at special occasions, and hence every spritz will remind her of you.

Givenchy Very Irresistible Edt Women

For women who love roses and everything about it. its colour, beauty and fragrance. the Very Irresistible EDT by Givenchy stands true to its name, as it adds to the charm of the wearer and people around her would be left spell bound by its captivating aroma. They say, this fragrance is what represents ultimate femininity and its grace. Gift it to them who loves smelling like roses all year long.

Thierry Mugler Angel Edp Women

When you know that your girlfriend is born a star, then you must make her feel like one every day. This classic fragrance has the sweet, captivating blends of cotton candy, pineapple, roses and sandalwood. This award-winning perfume comes bottled in a glass flacon that is actually designed like a star. Imagine the joy on her face when she receives this as her holiday gift. If this couldn’t get any more thoughtful, then we’re sure nothing would.

This holiday season, charm your best friends and loved ones with gifts of fragrance that will create cherished memories of your forever.

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