Five best hairstyles to rock this season. (And how to get them!)

Five best hairstyles to rock this season. (And how to get them!)

The winters have begun to fade, and the sun has started playing peekaboo during the day. Which means now it is time for you to pull away your winter caps and get ready to flaunt your lovely locks and tresses. Our team at Activecare have picked five of the best hairstyles that you can flaunt and never go wrong with your hairdo game.

Go Rock Chic with a Pixie

Pixie is till date considered to be one of the boldest hairstyles that a woman can flaunt. A pixie is where the hair is cropped or cut short to a length of about 1 to 3 inches only. It would be true to term this hairdo as a cult classic, given that it was flaunted with panache by some of the most popular actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Pamela Anderson and popstars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry.

Pixies are one of the most expressive hairdos, perfect for women who have a comparatively smaller face cut as it makes their cheekbones and make up on the face pop. It is also a very comfortable hairstyle which is good when you are sporty or travel a lot. A good looking pixie, even coloured ones, can be maintained and styled easily using minimal products like a good shampoo and conditioner like the Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Tween and nourishing hair oil like Wella Luxe Hair Oil.

Swish and Sway with Ponytails

One can never go wrong with a ponytail! It is can be styled for literally all kinds of occasions. Whether is to attend a fancy event in the evening, a romantic date night, or a casual hangout session with your girl-gang at your neighbourhood pub, the ponytail never fails to impress. Not only it is easy to pull off, but also allows you to experiment with multiple styles too. You can either pull it up high and let your silky tresses kiss the wind as it sways, make a sleek one with laid edges for a fun and chic look or a low hanging, loose casual one that exudes a low-key yet stylish vibe.

Getting a ponytail is as easy as buttering a slice of bread. Simply spray your hair with some root boost or texturizing spray, or if you have curls, apply a defining cream on the tresses, use a wide toothed comb through them and tie it up with a string ribbon/hairband or a scrunchie.

Be a cool cat with Bobs

A bob cut is something we all can relate to some of the most popular and coolest television and movie characters from Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction to the most recent one being Ursula Corbero as Tokio in Money Heist. A bob cut can be as long as reaching the collarbone to one till the chin length or the earlobes. It is not high on maintenance and the best hairdo for those whose hair lacks volume.

The easiest way to maintain a bob is by regularly shampooing your hair with a hydrating shampoo, applying a conditioner to maintain its flowing nature. You can even use a straightening balm or serum which make it easy for the hair to stay in its suspended position. We suggest you use a paddle brush to pull your hair downwards for a sleek style.

Slay it with Braids

Braids are something which everyone wants to try, but most fear that regularly sporting braids might tangle up and damage their hair. But we say, it is clearly a misconception. As a matter of fact, braids can actually be your best friend. There are so many options to play and experiment with braids, whether it is the simple French, the tousled and textured Disney Princess or the sporty boxer braids. You not only make a style statement, but also protect your hair too.

It is important not to have dry scalp for braids and hence, using a nourishing hair oil like the Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil Multi-Care Oil. Use an easy to remove loop hairband or a good scrunchie on the near tip of your braided hair to secure them. If you’re doing multiple braids, it is advised to use a couple of bobby pins to maintain its hold.

The No-Nonsense Bun

We all love our hair, but hate it when it keeps coming on to your face, especially during high intensity activity like working out, trekking or running to catch a train or bus. And during the day, it becomes worse when the strands begin sticking to your face due to the sweat. The solution to all this is very simple, grab hold of your tresses, lightly twist and tie them into a nice and firm bun. Now nothing can stop you from taking over the world!

It hardly takes two to three minutes to form an elegant bun, and some basic haircare to maintain your tresses after the bun. A well-conditioned hair using conditioners like the Pureology Strength Care Conditioner can stay strong and allows experimenting with different types of buns, like a tight one or a loose or messy one with a couple of bangs suspended from the sides.

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