Father's Day Special: Help your man groom his way back to youth!

Father's Day Special: Help your man groom his way back to youth!

Fathers love to reminisce their old days, telling us tales of their ruggedly handsome and youthful days, and how they had people from both genders falling over! This Father’s Day is a great opportunity to tell your man that he hasn’t lost his charm. Help him dial back a few years with these grooming tips and tricks. And the best part? You can do it together!

Help him get his skincare regimen strong

Back in the mid-70s and early 80s, most skincare only focused on women. Men were not encouraged to care much for their skin’s health. Inadequate skincare meant that over the year your dad went from being ruggedly handsome to his skin just being rugged and damaged. This father’s day, show him how he can improve the health of his facial by following a few steps regularly every day. And the best way to do it is by gifting him a skincare kit like the Dermalogica Skin Kit. Do him an extra by educating him about the importance of exfoliation and maintaining the hydration of one’s facial skin.

Make him to go electric with his shaves

Barring a few exceptions, most parents are not that excited about new technology, whether it Snapchat or Instagram. Especially fathers, who usually prefers things the old-school way. And yet, often they come around and accept changes, like they finally accepted Facebook! And there isn’t a more apt time to get your man to come around about grooming than this father’s day. Convince your dad to ditch his shaving razor and switch to an electric trimmer or shaver.

If needed, do a little show and tell to explain how it saves a lot of time and does a way better job than manual razors, while reducing the risk of cuts and bruises from shaves.

Try out new hairdos together

Looking through the old, yellow-tinted photographs of your parents from their youth, you are probably awed by their hairstyle game, or maybe you cringe a little thinking how some fashions just don’t age well. And as your father grew older, he probably switched to a safer, easier hairdo which he can sport everywhere, from work to family celebrations.

This father’s day, introduce your dad to some cool, new age hairdos. Yes, it might take some convincing, but guys, you have it easier. Tell him that you’ll get the same hairstyle as him, and show him the how to maintain it. You can either get a new haircut, or try out different hairstyles using a good hair moulding wax like Dear Barber Mattifier. If your dad like the new styles, he keeps it, or hey try a new one!

Get him to pick his own fragrance

Your dad probably experimented a lot more when he was younger. From trying out different grooming products to wearing new fragrances. And the options have only multiplied since his days of youth. This father’s day, take your dad fragrance shopping in store or online. Help him choose a signature fragrance that suits his style and taste. Is it musky, or is it sporty? Is it woody, or is it citrus?

Or if you know his style better, head on to our Men’s Fragrances section and pick a great fragrance that defines your father’s persona and style. And if you’re still confused, here’s a classic pick that never fails, and that your father will absolutely love: The Mont Blanc Legend.

Have a spa day together

One of the best ways to spend father’s day with your man, is to take him out on a fun grooming session, a spa day of sorts! There’s a lot you can do with your father together, like get a fun haircut, try out various styles. If things are back to normal in this post-CoVid world, by 21st June, take him to a spa. Get a complete facial treatment, which includes a calming wash, exfoliation and masking. Of course, after making sure that all safety and hygiene procedures are being followed at the spa you choose.

And if you want to throw in some fun elements to it, a manicure and pedicure doesn’t sound bad either? There are many unisex salons that offer these services, and we are sure your dad won’t shy away from a treat like this.

So say a little thank you to your dad for all that he does. By trying out these fun activities and tips to help him feel youthful and overall awesome again. Make him the happiest man on father’s day!

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