9 Best Perfumes to gift your Mom on Mother's day

9 Best Perfumes to gift your Mom on Mother's day

Gifts can sometimes leave you puzzled, especially a mothers day gift. But do not worry, Active Care Store has got you covered. Be it mother's day gifts from daughter or son, you could never go wrong with a refreshing fragrance. 

Though the criterion of love set by mothers can't be compared, you can still gift her something thoughtful and make her happy. A fragrance can be associated with a mother's pure love for her child, and thus, it can be an excellent first mothers day gift.

Here is a guide that will help you pick among the list of best mother's day gifts of all times.

Active Care Store is here with a list of lovely fragrances to gift to your mother.

1. Calvin Klein Eternity

Eternity Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein is a classic floral scent trademark of an absolute romantic that transforms perfectly throughout the day.

Inspired by a diamond wedding ring engraved with one word: eternal, this contemporary floral scent is CALVIN KLEIN's celebration of long-lasting romance. It believes in the power of authenticity and a modern minimalist design. It is a style that inspires beauty in simplicity and elegance in self-image. The notion behind this perfume was to design a classic. This perfume is a timeless and extravagant arrangement of citrus, flowers, and softwoods, and it is a vow of a lifetime of love.

2. Jimmy Choo EDP for Women

EDP Jimmy Choo for Women is a tropical scent that is feminine, lavish and light, specially designed for women dedicated to working yet love to party! The fragrance is made up with the sweet aroma of Italian citrus and pear on top and a Tiger orchid in the heart of the scent. The final touch comes from chocolate and Indonesian Patchouli at the base to create an exceptionally appealing scent.

Similar to its footwear and accessories, renowned for being lavish and loud, Jimmy Choo ensured that it was true to the brand's image. The scent is feminine yet powerful, and its varied layers of notes have a strong presence without overwhelming the surroundings. Its top notes come from Mandarin Orange and Pear, and the heart is made up of the wild and vibrant aroma of Tiger Orchid. The highlight is the base note that tones down to a sweet caramel toffee with sweet Indonesian Patchouli. Wear this scent throughout the day, as this scent lasts a long time.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs comes to a fresh, feminine, and fun scent from the design studio. Attract everyone with this rich, natural and fresh-floral scent that you'll surely admire. The bottle is exquisitely made with daisy flowers at the top, and Alberto Morillas developed this admirable scent.

Daisy is a refreshing scent composed of fruity strawberry, green violet leaf and sparkling grapefruit on top notes. It is a vital beginning to the fragrance. The heart is awash with the floral scent of jasmine blossoms and gardenia, along with beautiful delicate violet. The base's balanced, soft & smooth notes are vanilla, musk, and white woods filled with warmth and sensuality. It's a perfume for sophisticated, beautiful and attractive women. It is ideal for a party or a hot date.

4. Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey

A floral fragrance from the oriental world can make you feel irresistibly gorgeous. The perfume takes on pure floral notes designed for women who love to treat themselves to a luxurious experience each day.

The pure spring water stored in a bottle, L'Eau D'Issey is one of the most loved feminine scents available. In the spring season, a stunning blend of woody scents and floral fragrances, this fragrance is part of the olfactory category including Woody Aquatic Floral. It is packaged in a classy conical glass bottle. The top notes comprise clear scents that are reminiscent of Maritima and Ambergris. The middle notes contain floral scents of Lily of the Valley, damask rose, jasmine and orange blossom. The base is hefty from the cashmeran.

5.Hugo Boss Woman EDT Spray

EDT Spray by Hugo Boss is a feminine floral scent for women. The stunning actress Sienna Miller was the face behind this fragrance depicting today's natural, beautiful and contemporary woman.

The top notes include white peach, apple and Bergamot. The heart is filled with white flowers and orange. Base notes include vanilla, sandalwood and olivewood. The fruity fragrance opens with apple and peach. Bergamot gives an intense floral scent that can be uplifting. It is a floral scent from an orange flower and a sweet white flower. Sandalwood gives a woody aroma with vanilla. It is a scent that will keep you coming back for more. Each note of the composition represents the traits of a woman. The top notes convey the energy and enthusiasm, while the middle notes showcase the feminine side of a woman that is sweet at heart. The base notes end with a warm and passionate finish. The bottle has a metal falcon and orange glass stones, representing the seven chakras in the human body.

6. Dkny Be Delicious EDP

Adorn yourself in a refreshing floral scent, full of fun and spontaneity. The perfume is packed with delicious and addictive scents that evoke the adventurous spirit of an attractive and lively woman.

Be Delicious features violet leaf, green notes, magnolia, grapefruit, and apple on top notes. It gives a fresh, crisp and sparkling beginning to the fragrance that stimulates your senses. The heart is composed of Lily of the Valley, violet, and tuberose, invigorating. It is followed by a soft end of creamy sandalwood, amber, and musk at the bottom of the fragrance. This delightful perfume by DKNY was introduced in 2004. The nose behind the fragrance is Maurice Roucel.

7. Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP

The Blossom is a gorgeous fruity-floral fragrance with citrus and red fruits that make you feel refreshed and joyful each time you apply it. It is ideal for wearing every day.

A fruity and sweet daytime scent for her embodies the springtime spirit. This wonderful scent is loaded with notes of fresh fruits and sweet-smelling florals that will leave you feeling vibrant and fresh throughout the day. It is a fruity floral scent that opens with the notes of red berries, citruses and raspberries, leading to middle notes of soft rose and sweet pea. The perfume dries down to musk and sandalwood's warm and delightful base notes. The gorgeous fragrance, housed in a stunning dark pink flacon and stopper, was designed by Louise Turner and launched in February 2015.

8. Hugo Boss Deep Red EDP

Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum is a floral, fruity scent for women. Take this sultry fragrance with you everywhere you go to leave an impression. It is a sensual, soft and sweet perfume.

Are you looking forward to the slumber celebration to attend but aren't sure what perfume to wear? Hugo Deep Red is the answer. It is an ideal scent for fashionable women who enjoy partying. Experts Beatrice Piquet and Alain Astori developed this perfume intending to create a pleasing aroma for women that is fruity & floral and even lasts long. The top note is a fruity blend comprising Blood Orange, Black Currant and Pear that leads to heart notes, with floral scents of hibiscus freesia and tuberose with a spicy hint of ginger. The fragrance ends with a sensual finish of cedar, musk and sandalwood. It is packaged in a matte red glass bottle.

9. Hugo Boss Femme EDP

HUGO BOSS Femme Edp is a luscious fragrance designed for women. It is designed for contemporary, sophisticated boss ladies, and it's a beautiful blend of notes ideal for stylish and elegant women.

Top notes emerge with the sweet blackcurrant and tangerine notes with a delicate touch of freesia. The heart notes are roses and lily, which add the pleasant scent of flowers and the very aromatic jasmine. Base notes consist of delicate apricot and lemon trees dripping with rich, romantic and appealing notes. Femme Eau de Parfum is a perfect scent for the beautiful ladies who radiate elegance from their persona wherever she goes. This feminine fragrance is smooth, soft, and subtle, creating a lovely atmosphere with the scent. The perfume was introduced in the year 2006. 

Take your pick among the alluring fragrances to gift to your mother on this Mother's Day. And tell us in the comments how she liked it.

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