8 Beauty and Skincare Resolutions to Make In The New Year

8 Beauty and Skincare Resolutions to Make In The New Year

It’s the 2020! Time for a new you! Everyone is guilty of making a long list of resolutions to follow as the new year arrives and later chuck them somewhere within the first month itself. But this time, with us by your side, we will ensure that your beautiful hair and skin remain healthy and lovely all year long. And here are 8 fail proof resolutions you must make for a healthy skin and hair, for a beautiful you.

Avoid heat treating your hair

By now, you’ve already been educated about some major harm done to your hair with regular straightening, curling and blow-drying using haircare appliances that use heat treatment. Make 2020 the year where you accept your hair in its own, natural and beautiful state. Try to use minimal electronic, heat-generating hair appliances for styling your hair and instead, opt for products that not only help you with styling but also nourish and repair your hair from damage. Here are some Activecare’s best hair styling products to style into healthier hair in the new year.

Treat Yo’ Hair to a weekly therapy

Just like you feel tired and yearn for the need of some TLC after a long week, your hair too feels battered and bruised after being exposed to the numerous pollutants and external environmental aggressors out there. Plus, in the winter, your hair has also endured the harsh cold. So this new year, make a resolution, to take out time, for some pampering for your hair. Nourish it back to life, to make it feel beautiful and magical every day of the week. And these lovely products available on the ActiveCare website will assist you in giving your hair the therapy it deserves.

Stick to a single type of shampoo & conditioner

Yes! Please! This is less of a request and more a command from us! Tempted by the plethora of choices in shampoos and conditioners, you might want to try them all and keep trying and testing all the new and classic ones on your hair, hoping to achieve the best. But little do we know, that constantly changing your shampoo and conditioner can cause more harm than good. Every hair needs its special kind of treatment, and the onus is on you to stick to that one brand or product for your hair. It not only nourishes your tresses in the long run but also protects it from the possible damage caused to it from the various chemicals and ingredients in other hair care and styling products, which may or may not suit your hair. Here are two and shampoo and conditioner suggestions for the long run.

Condition regularly

This is something you all take very lightly! We know, we sound like your mama right now! But girl, you really need to condition your hair regularly to make sure those lovely tresses stay healthy too. Regular conditioning of your hair makes it softer, detangles hair, helps fight frizz against humidity, prevents hair breakage and split ends and retains moisture for a lustrous shine every day. Reason enough? If your hair is dry, you must condition it at least 3 to 4 times a week. And if the hair is normal, then condition it maybe twice. But DO IT. NEVER SKIP CONDITIONING! Here are some of the best conditioners available on our website we’ve chosen for you.

Cleanse, every day, before hitting the sack

There is a difference between washing your face, and “cleansing” it. Simply splashing some water to rinse your face does nothing. It doesn’t remove stubborn impurities hidden in the pores after your face is exposed to the external aggressors out there. . Just like brushing teeth, make cleansing a must-do skincare ritual before going to bed. Using a nourishing deep cleanser helps weed out impurities and replenishes the moisture lost from your sensitive skin during the day. To help you with your daily “cleanse” resolution, here are some of our best facial cleansers:

Never sleep wearing your make up

If not anything else, please girl, make this your must-do in 2020! We know, parties can be tiring, after all that dancing and merrymaking, all you want to do is hit the sack right after you reach home. But you need to care for your skin too. Sleeping with your makeup on can end up clogging your skin pores, making it prone to acne and causing irritation around the sensitive areas of your facial skin. And worse, it could also speed up the formation of wrinkles on your face. So make it a habit, after every outing, take out at least 10 minutes to rinse off the makeup and apply a moisturising leave-in lotion or night cream right before going to bed. Here are some top notch makeup removal solutions:

Apply SPF every day

If you’re among those who think SPF is only for the summers and the spring, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Every time you step out, your skin is directly exposed to the harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sun. These may not be visible to you, but they can cause skin burn and worse, make it prone to skin cancer too. Using SPF every day protects your skin from unnecessary tanning, prevents sunburn and further improves the health of your skin by shielding it from not just the harmful UV rays of the sun but also the various airborne minute pollutants that can clog your skin pores. Below are our favourite, SPF enriched products you could use for daily use.

Exfoliate once a week

Yes, yes we have said before that exfoliation can be harmful. But only if you do exfoliate more than 2 times a week. Might we suggest you make it a resolution to exfoliate at least once a week? Just like you give your hair a weekly therapy, your skin requires the same. Exfoliation once a week helps you get rid of all the dead and dull skin on your face, it cleanses your pores of stubborn impurities and prepares your skin well for moisturisation. However, please note that you stand the risk of stripping your skin of essential oils and nutrients if you overdo the exfoliation on a daily basis, especially if you have dry skin.

That’s all folks! Follow these resolutions religiously and we assure you that you will achieve beautiful and healthy skin and hair in the new year.

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